Auto entrepreneurs, everything about wage portage

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April 4, 2020
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Auto entrepreneurs, everything about wage portage

Auto entrepreneurs, everything about wage portage

Are you tempted to start your own account? Are you particularly attracted by the freedom that this kind of activity offers? But are you worried that you won’t have enough to live by the end of the month? Indeed, this is one of the main disadvantages of working as a self-employed person: incomes are never fixed. But if we offered you a new alternative: wage portage.

What is wage portage?

The wage portage is a tripartite contra between the parent company, the employee carried and the client. Simply put, as a focused employee, you work as a freelance. You manage your schedule and your productivity yourself. But the contract contains some specificities. In this case, you should account for your interventions of the day to a parent company or a wage-earning company. This in return will guarantee you a more stable income and good visibility on the market. You work as her employee for the various contracts that she concludes online.

You will, therefore, be the intermediary between the parent company and the client. The company will act like your employer by contracting online. You represent it by carrying out the interventions. Which can provide you with a number of benefits.

The advantages of wage portage
First, thanks to the wage portage, you can avoid the various administrative procedures for your declaration as a self-employed entrepreneur. You also avoid the various social and legal obligations to work as a self-employed person. And for good reason, you still report to a parent company.

You will no longer have to do the prospecting for your activity yourself. The parent company does this for you. You will benefit from its reputation. You can wait for the contracts it concludes online or launch a prospecting process on its behalf. In both cases, you owe him accounts.

This system better stabilizes the income of self-employed entrepreneurs. Thanks to wage portage, independent artisans would earn up to 30% more than working alone. And offers can be addressed to professionals from all fields.
You will be halfway between a classic employee and a self-employed person. Also, you will benefit from a few benefits: health coverage, pension insurance, etc.

How to properly manage your activity in wage portage in Belgium?
As a focused employee, you decide for yourself your level of productivity and your working hours, which you can send directly to your employer. But beware, you remain an independent. That is to say, the more you work, the more money you will earn. To find the best balance, we advise you to call on your accountant in Saint-Gilles. The latter may also be responsible for managing your accounts and your social obligations in order to facilitate the various administrative procedures.

Having a fixed schedule can also be a good idea. This will allow you to ensure a more or less stable income per month and to guarantee a certain standard of living in the household.

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