Terms & Conditions

Acknowledgment of Terms

Your entrance to and utilization of Web999  site (“the Website”) is subject totally to these terms and conditions. You won’t utilize the site for any reason that is unlawful or denied by these terms and conditions. In the event that you don’t acknowledge these terms and conditions you should promptly quit utilizing the site else it will be termed as your acknowledgment.

Installment of Accounts

A store might be required from another customer before any work is completed. In all cases, site facilitating charges and any expenses acquired by Web999  in the interest of the customer are payable ahead of time and are non-refundable.

Site Hosting

Web999 offers facilitating of sites, no assurances can be made with regards to the accessibility or interference of this administration by Web999 can’t acknowledge risk for misfortunes brought on by the inaccessibility, breakdown or intrusion of this administration.

Refund Policy

When you buy our services, please keep in mind that any Services you have taken is non refundable.

Cancellation Policy

If the Client Cancel the project within 20 days of first payment made, charge will be calculated as per the work Developed within 20 Days. If, at the time of the request for refund, work has been completed beyond the amount covered by the initial payment, the Client shall be liable to pay for all work completed.

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